Relisate Total Herbicide


Relisate Total Herbicide is a professional post-emergent herbicide for home and garden that kills all plant life, roots a long period of time. Rrelisate herbicide is use for pre-crop planting (reduced tillage), the maintenance of Perennial tree crops, industrial sites and aquatic environments.


Recommended For Use

Relisate is a non-selective post-emergency herbicide for control of wide range of weeds on cultivated land e.g. For the killing of posture prior to crop planting, for weed control around trees, non-cropped areas and on industrial sites. Relisate Herbicide is friendly contact with soil and therefore has no residual activity.


Dilute only with clean water. Always add concentrate to water and stir. Do not store diluted herbicide. suitable for application with all types of surface spraying equipment. Relisate Herbicide is friendly contact with soil and therefore has no residual activity.

Application Rates For Relisate Herbicide

Although this may vary according to prevailing local conditions. Apply the following amount in 100-200 liters of water.

Annual grasses and annual broad-leaved weeds: 3 litres/hectre

Perennial grasses: 4 litres/hectre

Perennial broad- leaved weeds: 6 litres/hectre

Non crop areas: 5 litres/hectre

Equipment For Relisate weed Control

Apply knapsacks or mounted booms sprayer at 100-400 litres spray volume/hectre; or with controlled droplet applicators at 50-200 litres/hectre; or by aircraft at 20-50 litres/hectre.

Relisate Herbicide can also be applied with a bottle sprayed trigger or paint brush on unwanted plants and trees.


Don’t apply on post- emergency for aquatic weed control. Wear suitable protective clothing such as goggles, overalls, PVC gloves. When using the weed control do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands after use and before meals. Store in original containers away from children, animals and foodstuffs. Do not contaminate ponds, streams or ditches with products or used container. It is harmful to fish, irritating to eyes and skin.

Safety Interval

Keep livestock out of treated area for at least 5 days. Allow at least 1 week after applying weed control before applying other chemicals.

Withholding Period: Edible crops 14 days

Re-entry Period: 1-3 days

First Aid | weed control

General: stop working, rest and remove contaminated clothing, In case of eye or skin contact, wash thoroughly with water several times. If ingested, treat symptomatically, induce vomiting provided that the patient is conscious.





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