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Rat Control | How to get rid of Rat and Mice

Rat Control: Rat and Mice are common household Pest, they can make themselves at home in houses, garages and garden, they harbor diseases, causes destruction to your house, contaminate your food; post a risk to human health. They also cause unpleasant odors and damages to property and possessions.

6 ways to get rid of Rats and Mice

  • Practice good sanitation
  • Regularly clean up sheds, storage areas and dispose of unwanted items
  • Ensure waste bins are well kept and regularly emptied
  • Block all access point to cupboards containing food and food preparation utensils
  • Keep your home and property clean
  • Do not compost any animal products (fish, meat, chicken etc )

They also cause unpleasant odors and damages to property and possessions.


Rat Control Recommendation Products:

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Rat Control | Ratimor

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Ratimor Wax Blocks

Ratimor Wax Blocks with bromadiolone active ingredient is the best rodenticides for wide range of rat or mice control. It has a delay action which encourages other rats or mice to feed on it before realizing that it kills. The product is very effective, durable and controls a wide range of rodents.

How to use Ratimor Wax Blocks
  1. For mice control: use 20-30g every 2-5m
  2. For black rats or brown rats: use 150-180g every 5-10m

This method can be repeated every 14days until they are no longer taken. Replace the used baits until they are no longer taken by the rats or mice, don’t forget to remove the dead Rodents.

Bait station

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Rat Terminator


  • Effectively kills mice/rats while providing the highest level of station security
  • Each bait block kills up to 10 mice and 5 Rats
  • Resistant to weather and tampering by kids and Pets
  • Ready to use
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • The Bait station is refillable 
Bait Station

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Rodent Bait Station

Target pests: Rats and Mice

For use in: Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings indoors, situations that do not require tamper-resistant bait stations

Application: Place station near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.

Pet safe: NOT tamper resistant and all baiters loaded with bait should be put into areas not accessible to children and non target animals