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Cockroach Control – How to control Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in the world. There over 4,000 species of cockroaches all over the world. Cockroaches infestation rapidly grows, and this pose serious challenge because of their ability to stay with out food up to six (6) months and without water for two (2)weeks. But let’s talk about the two common types that we often encounter and how to get rid of them: German Cockroaches and American Cockroaches. To get rid of these cockroaches, we need to have a deep knowledge on some of the types of cockroaches we are trying to control.


The German cockroaches are light-brown bodies with two parallel dark stripes down the sides and usually less than an inch in length. They possess wings but they rarely fly. German cockroaches often feed on food items, therefore are commonly found in the kitchen, dinning room, sitting room and in rare cases you find them around other rooms of the house.


Unlike the German cockroaches, the American cockroaches posses wings and can fly. They are slightly bigger, about 1.5inches. They are mostly live outside in places like soak-away, garbage heap and mulch.When indoors American cockroaches like dark, warm and moist areas like, laundry room, bathroom and toilet basements.


  • Identify the problem and seek professional help.
  • Cut them off from the food: Removing every source of food is one of the most important approach when dealing with cockroaches (especially German cockroaches). Advisably, sanitizing your kitchen and environment regularly.
  • Completely destroy their hiding place: Lot has to be put in place when we want to completely get rid of cockroaches hide-outs. In addition to food, cockroaches need harborage to thrive. Their favorite nooks and crannies include stacks of paper and cardboard boxes, so recycle any you have laying around
  • Carefully set out the bait: baits are ideal for home owners to use because they are simple to apply. Baits are cleaner and less risky way to control these little common household pests.
  • Seal up every entry point

Note: that these cockroaches, have their specific method of control. You need any of these Professional products for an effective control!