Ratimor Wax Block – Rodenticide 100g

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Ratimor Wax Block is a Ready-to-use extruded wax blocks rodenticide for mice and rats. An effective rodenticide with the widest range of application, especially effective in moist areas.


  • highly effective in small doses (Single Feed)
  • highly resistant to environment specifics (especially suitable for moist and exterior places)
  • The products is effective soon after swallowing, the death of the individual rodents does not influence the resistance to bait among other rodents that are still alive.
  • It is effective against rodents’ resistance to anticoagulant rodenticides of the first generation.
  • containing a preservative that prevents molding and protects the bait from bacteria and fungus
  • Suitable for use in basements, sewers and areas around the house
  • Multiple edges on the blocks offer more biting choices
  • Additional attractants lure the rodents to the bait
  • With aversive agent to protect children and pets
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Rat Control

Ratimor Wax Block is a rodent poison with the active ingredient bromadiolone, which is very popular with professional control operators because of its wide range of applications and high stability. The added wax (paraffin) provides moisture resistance and stability despite extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight. This makes it suitable for use in the outdoors, sewers, very damp spaces, etc.

A delayed action ensures a large rat poison intake, as the poisoned rodents perish a few days after ingestion and thus do not scare away other rodents before they ingest Ratimor Wax Blocks. The form and multiple edges provide an additional possibility – for monitoring purposes.

Instructions for use:

  • For house mice (Mus musculus) apply 20 – 30 g every 2 – 5 m, in case of a sever infestation problem at every 2m
  • For black rats (Rattus rattus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) 150 – 180 g every 5 – 10 m, in case of a sever infestation problem at every 5m

The number of applications is not limited. Set the bait every 14 days, until they are no longer taken. The used bait must be replaced with a new one until the rodents completely disappear. Remove the deceased rats or mice.

100 g of Wax Blocks

For use only as a rodenticide. For professional use only.

May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure. keep out children by using it with a bait station or by any means. keep away from food, drinks and animal feeding stuffs. Wear protective gloves. If swallowed: immediately call a poison center or doctor/physician. Prevent access to rat baits from children and non targeted animals such as: dogs particularly, cats, birds, pigs, poultry  etc.

Use with Rodent Bait Station for safety and effective result.

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  1. Mathew

    It’s a great product and very infective

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