Rodent Bait Station


Target pests: Rats and Mice

For use in: Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings indoors, situations that do not require tamper-resistant bait stations

Application: Place station near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.

Pet safe: NOT tamper resistant and all baiters loaded with bait should be put into areas not accessible to children and non target animals

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Rodent Bait Station

Rats and mice can destroy your home or businesses. Some of them can chew your cable insulation and their droppings can cause illnesses and diseases.

Alcochem Rodent bait station is the best products that pest control professionals use for rats and mice control. These products are made of a very strong plastic that is very strong and durable.

The bait station comes with a key to secure the baits (Rat poison) from the children and pets.

The Bait Station is weather and tamper resistant, they are suitable for indoors and outdoors use as well as in garages, walk ways, Hotels, Restaurants, compounds and sheds.

This Rodent bait station works well with pellets and Wax block baits. It fits flush against the wall allowing easy entry for rodents. The box is made of a very sturdy light weight black plastic and can hold block baits, pellet baits as well as liquid baits and keep them fresh for long periods of time.

The durability of this product is exception and it could last as long as its not broken deliberately. Its black color makes it more attractive to Rats and Mice to penetrate and to hide.



Name : Rodent bait station RBS-08
Material : high grade polypropylene
Finishing : without inner or outer sharp edges
Thickness material : 2,5 mm
Color : black
Inner section : separate duo food tray and metal bait fixation rod (included)
Safety warning : placed on the lid in English language
Entrances : rain protected entrance on 2 sides
Guarantee : 1 year on mechanical aspects
CE-approval : yes
Lock : double safety lock for safe access
Key : injection molded safety key included per bait station
Mounting position : free standing or wall mounting (Wall mounting strip included)
Cleaning : by means of warm water and a soapy detergent

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