Swingfog SN50


Effective mosquito control in woods, swamps, creeks, streams, etc.
Plant protection in greenhouses and plantations (ornamental plants, vegetables, cocoa, sugar cane, coffee, palm trees, cotton and cereals).
Stock protection in silos, store rooms and protection plants for food and agricultural products, textiles and tobacco.
Disinfecting measures in the human area, in animal keeping and in food production plants.
Health and hygiene in public, private and commercial areas and in animal keeping (vector and communicable disease control, and pest control).
Deodorization measures in the human area, and in animal keeping.

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The Application The Swingfog® SN 50, our high performance thermal aerosol fog generator for the efficient combating of mosquitoes, insects, pests, fungus diseases, viruses, bacteria, and deodorization. It is the fogger of choice by Mosquito Commissions, US Military, and other Government Agencies.

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