Sniper Cockroach Killer


Sniper Cockroach Killer is used to control cockroaches and Ants of all types in homes, offices, factories, schools, warehouse, shops, hospitals, hotels, restaurant etc.



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Sniper Cockroach killer is one of the best cockroach gel killer. The products is safe and its the most effective way of controlling high infestation of cockroaches when applied very close to their nest.

Apply Sniper Cockroach killer to the infested area as small spot or in thin lines.

place the gel in the dark locations in your kitchen, most especially pay attention to the cracks, crevices behind the cupboards and shelves, under kitchen sink etc.

Smaller, more frequent spots are better than occasional large spots.

Sniper Cockroach gel is very attractive to cockroaches and ants which allows them to feed on it and provides a quick knockdown.

This products can kill the entire colonies of cockroaches and ants in your home or offices. In infested premises after use, the products will kill cockroaches and ants within 24 hours.

Get this products today and say good bye to Cockroaches and Ants problem.



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