Rat Terminator-Child and Pets Resistance | Rat Killer

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  • Effectively kills mice/rats while providing the highest level of station security
  • Each bait block kills up to 10 mice and 5 Rats
  • Resistant to weather and tampering by kids and Pets
  • Ready to use


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RAT Terminator – Child & Dog Resistant is design to terminate mice or rats in your home or business while still protecting child and pets from accessing the rat bait.  This package comes with a complete rodent bait station and 4 Ratimor Wax bait block. Each ratimor wax bait block of 10g each can effectively kills up to 6-10 mice and 5 Rats.

About this item

The refillable bait station gives mice/rat easy access to the bait and keeps children and pets off. The bait station is also weather-resistant, making it the ideal station for indoor and outdoor use.

Rat Terminator effectively kills Rats and mice without putting your child and pets in danger.

Rat Terminator is also purposely designed for indoors and outdoors use with the purpose of killing rats and mice with the safety of the children and pets in mind.

How it works – Rat killer

Rat Terminator- rat killer can be placed virtually anywhere in your home such as; entry, kitchen area, garage doors, below windows, near utilities and any other areas where rodents tend to hide.

The bait station is re-usable and the baits inside can be purchase separately if needed be.


Rat terminator comes with a ratimor wax block, which functions as a rat killer. The bait is more effective against Rats control, Mice control and other rodent species. Rat Terminator bait station also comes with a knock able key to secure the baits from children and pets. It comes with a securing rod also to hold the bait firm. The bait station is weather- and tamper-resistant; usable indoors and outdoors.


Ratimor Wax Bait Blocks


The Bait wax block (rat poison) may cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure. keep out children by using it with a bait station or by any means. keep away from food, drinks and animal feeding stuffs. Wear protective gloves. If swallowed: immediately call a poison center or doctor/physician. Prevent access to rat baits from children and non targeted animals such as: dogs particularly, cats, birds, pigs, poultry  etc.

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